Ne-Yo Named Music Choice Artist of the Month Kicks off Black History Month

Feb 01, 2018

Ne-Yo Named Music Choice Artist of the Month

Kicks off Black History Month

New York, NY—February 1, 2018- Music Choice is celebrating Black History Month with music and exclusive content from R&B Superstar Ne-Yo.  The program will highlight Ne-Yo as Music Choice’s Artist of the Month throughout February and feature an exclusive interview with him, along with two hosted playlists where he picks his favorite R&B music videos from artists who have changed the game and a playlist featuring his hit songs.  Ne-Yo’s entire collection of music videos and audio tracks will be featured throughout the month of February across Music Choice Music Channels, On Demand and on our app. 

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Ne-Yo Reflects on Meeting His Idols

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“In the realm of the music industry I have met just about all of my kings so to speak…well the ones that are still living. Um I met Stevie Wonder, I’ve met Prince, I’ve met Michael Jackson

I’ve sat and had these people look at me as an equal, you know…Lionel Richie like what…I sat with Lionel Richie and had him tell me man I was a great songwriter. I’m like are you serious…You’re Lionel Richie and I am a good songwriter? Thanks. Michael Jackson…I sat in front of Michael Jackson and told him if not for you there would be no Ne-Yo…He said to me, you know what my favorite song is of yours is? And he started singing the song to me

I feel like that may be the only time I’ve ever felt like a 12 year old girl as a grown man.”

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