Music Choice Launches New Artist of the Month Campaign Kicks off with Fall Out Boy

Jan 15, 2018


Music Choice today announced the launch of ‘Artist of the Month’, a new multi-platform promotional campaign that brings the hottest artists to millions of music fans. The program will kick off this month with Fall Out Boy with a special Facebook Live on Thursday, January 18th to promote their new album, Mania. 

Check out a sneak peek here:

Fall Out Boy Excited for Fans to Hear "Heaven's Gate”

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“[Patrick Stump] “Heaven’s Gate” um I think that one it’s weird because it felt really natural to all of us um when we were playing it I don’t think any any of the four of us thought twice about about that song but internally when our when our friends here it or or the you know management heard it and stuff they’re like ‘wow this is really different for you guys’ you know and that just kinda surprised me because I think that was one of the ones that like fell together the most naturally you know it’s very, it’s very us so I don’t know you kn- I’m I’m kinda interested to see what people think of that song.”

Fall Out Boy Address Album Delay

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“[Pete Wentz] Like lyrically I think that having a chance to have a couple extra months was like allowed it to have a different perspective. We basically like threw it all away but there’s like a couple parts that you know like were completely re-worked. We ended up working with this guy Illangelo and we ended up talking to this guy Burna Boy uh this Nigerian artist and that wouldn’t have happ- like it’s just like a whole bunch of things and then you know I honestly wanted one of the features – uh I’ll give you that – I wanted uh Kid Cudi we just didn’t it didn’t end up working out but like there is gotta be a Kid Cudi Fall Out Boy feature at some point I hope.”

Exclusive content including an interview with the band, along with a wide selection of their music videos and audio tracks will be featured throughout the month of January across Music Choice Music Channels, On Demand and on our app.     

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